What's Wrong With My Child

What does a parent do when doctors don't know what to do?

They look for answers. They look for solutions. They do all that they can do to help their child!

In "What's Wrong with My Child," author Elizabeth Harris relays the story of her relentless mission to uncover the reasoning behind her son Cody's unexplainable behaviors.

Her findings are shockingly revealed in this amazing journey for answers.

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"Elizabeth's message unveils how the corruption of a very few may have global consequences. The connections she makes go far beyond PANS/PANDAS and is a clarion call to physicians and parents alike not to settle for easy answers. Far too many families are facing mysteries such as this, and it is time to look at the root."
JUDY A. MIKOVITS, Ph.D. New York Times Best-Selling Author
"Any mother with children with medical needs will be able to identify with Elizabeth's struggle to find answers and to help her children get well. You will recognize in her the traits of a fellow warrior mom. I applaud Elizabeth for her perseverance and unwavering focus which has helped other families not having to go through all she did when looking for answers."
ANDI DURKIN President, Down Syndrome OPTIONs